A traditional Aikido Dojo in the heart of South Austin

About Our Dojo

Rising Sun Aikido is a traditional Aikido dojo whose mission is to provide those who train in Aikido a healthier, richer, and more enjoyable life. During training, by blending with both the movement and energy of our partner we learn to resolve the “problem” caused by an attack in a creative, non-violent manner. Cooperation between partners creates a positive atmosphere for learning. And since our mission is to create health, richness and enjoyment, it is a personal responsibility not to inflict injury to our training partners through aggressive or egotistical behavior.

Libby Sensei, under the direction of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan, emphasizes that we train as O’Sensei taught - in the spirit of joy. Training is energetic but tempered with compassion for the training partner.

Aikido is a very enjoyable way to develop balance, coordination, centered awareness, strength and physical conditioning.

Training at Rising Sun Aikido allows Aikido’s simple secrets to be revealed: “Developing a better life depends on bettering yourself.” - M. Saotome