Rising Sun Aikido Children’s Program

Children’s program suspended until children can be fully vaccinated.


The goal of our children’s program is to provide a safe, positive and non-aggressive environment for the practice of Aikido. As a martial art, Aikido fosters a healthy outlook- it develops respect for self and others, fosters an atmosphere of cooperation, and cultivates flexibility and coordination. The principles of centering, mindfulness and blending our energy with that of our partner are emphasized, without tournaments or competitions.

Challenge and fun are essential elements of our children’s program. Aikido provides youths with the opportunity to develop their physical and mental awareness, improve physical condition, enhance self-esteem and improve interpersonal skills. Through Aikido training, young people learn the power of movement, while having a good time.

Classes begin with stretching and coordination exercises, followed by rolling practice. This helps to develop strong, flexible bodies and improve control and awareness. Following these important basic skills, various techniques are taught and practiced. Students pair up with each other and take turns playing the role of attacker and defender. Training is monitored by instructors who interact with the students, help them to learn, and challenge them to grow with appropriate guidance.
We work with parents and welcome their input, and our classes are always open for observation.

Aikido Classes for children can:
**Increase Focus and Mindfulness
**Develop Physical and Mental Awareness
**Teach Non-Violent Ways to Deal With Conflict
**Improve Social Skills
**Enhance Physical Coordination and Agility

At Rising Sun Aikido, the Children’s Program is designed for ages 7-15.

The first class is free!

3:15pm -4:15pm Sunday only classes are $47 per month.

5:00pm – 6:00pm Tuesday and Thursday program is $88 per month.

Children’s program suspended until children can be fully vaccinated.