Karate – Genwakai America


Genwakai Karate is a pure form of Japanese karate that has been handed down over many centuries from the originators of Okinawan karate to its present form.  This style is not available to everyone in Japan.  You have to know someone who will introduce you to one of the instructors before you are permitted to join the school.  Fortunately, in America we practice this art form openly and without the secrecy associated with many older forms of tradition Japanese martial arts.

Students will begin with learning the basic techniques whose secrets have been lost over the many years of influence by the entertainment industry and mixed martial arts.  Genwakai is not flashy or spectacular but it carries a level of confidence not felt by many people in their spare time activities.  Many police officers and military personnel have been attracted to, and trained in Genwakai because of its ability to teach a person to deliver techniques with devastating force.

Known as one of the most lethal of the martial arts, this style of karate goes beyond where most commercial art forms go.  Practitioners do not engage in sparing until they have been properly trained.  Then, when they are ready, they engage in full contact with body armor to avoid the effects of its devastating techniques.

Genwakai is a basic karate form with a minimum of techniques.  Genwakai theory states that it is easier and far more efficient to learn a small number of techniques which can be mastered in a relatively short period of time versus a large number of techniques that requires many years to become effective.  In fact, most non-athletic people, of all ages, both genders, and various levels of ability, can have down to earth effective techniques in a very short period of time.

The classes include samurai sword training and use Japanese language for all techniques and forms. The Sensei will relate stories from old Japan that illustrate the Samurai tradition and Budō culture. As you become stronger and more flexible you will notice much more mental acuity and increased energy levels. Genwakai will keep you healthier, happier and younger.

New members are welcome to Wednesday and Friday evening classes from 6 to 8pm.

Wear loose clothing and plan to learn an old Japanese martial art from a sixth degree blackbelt who has been training for over 40 years.

First month fees ($70) are waived.

You will also learn how to use a samurai sword according to the styles of Tenshin Ryu and Jigen Ryu kenjutsu. You will get a good aerobic and strenuous workout. Your endorphins will kick in and you will leave with a smile on your face.